The Action Team at Greenpeace USA is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying direct actions and other field activities.  It also runs a highly specialized technical training and development program to provide the skills Greenpeace activists need to peacefully protest in dynamic ways.  The Activist Program Officer is responsible for coordinating and implementing a comprehensive, dynamic and energetic activist program that identifies, trains, and develops capable volunteers for participation in Greenpeace non-violent direct actions. The Activist Program Officer develops and implements skills trainings in their areas of expertise and facilitates trainings in others. They will also coordinate field events, direct actions and other activities as directed by the Action Team Director, Action Team Deputy Director or Activist Program Manager.Under the direct supervision of the Activist Program Manager, the Activist Program Officer facilitates the involvement of all Action Team staff, as well as other staff and non-staff specialists, in development and execution of the Activist Program.  They will work with other relevant Greenpeace departments to identify creative ways in which Greenpeace supporters and volunteers can participate safely in direct action.The position will be based in either San Francisco, CA or Washington, DC and will often work at the warehouses in those cities, where many of the trainings take place and where training equipment is stored and maintained.  The successful candidate will work with the warehouse staff to facilitate and maintain the spaces.

Source: Greenpeace – Activist Program Officer | Jobs | PND


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