Who I Am & What I’m Doing Here

2015-02-07-14-25-40Hi, I’m Rebecca Andruszka. I started my career in non-profits in 2005, and have been involved in personnel searches from day one (literally: I had to organize resumes for an Executive Director search on my first day as Administrative Manager at small health organization). During my career, I’ve directly hired and supervised more than 12 positions, from interns to mid-level managers. At this point, I’ve probably read thousands of resumes and cover letters, and interviewed dozens of people. Some of these people I hired, recommended to other organizations, acted as a reference, or just befriended—others, I did not and usually for good reason.

Because of this, I became the go-to person in my friend circle when someone needed help with their career. I started posting job listings and informally matchmaking them with friends I knew were looking for new opportunities.  I also started writing a column on working in non-profits for the website The Muse, which introduced me to more people who were looking to find their place in non-profits, but were bummed by all the corporate-focused advice that focused on what was wrong with them. I’m here to let you know that you’re fine just the way you are, and you deserve a good, respectful workplace no matter what your politics, your gender(s), or your hairstyle.

I’ve left this site up as a resource, but if you want to work with me as a coach, you can contact me over at Do Better Consulting.