The Chief Development Officer (CDO) is a newly-created position, designed to fully exploit fundraising opportunities to sustain HMI’s broad scope of work, while positioning the organization to achieve ambitious growth plans. The CDO is responsible for planning, implementing, and leading all of HMIs fundraising efforts, both public and private. The CDO will work in partnership with the Executive Team, Board, and Board Development Committee, and will lead, encourage and mentor a team of professional fundraisers.The CDO will have a deep understanding of Youth Development theory and practice, and work extensively with all areas of the organization, including: Finance, Youth Services, Advocacy, Operations, and Communications to identify specific needs and guide fundraising strategies for each area. In partnership with the CEO and Board, the CDO’s role will include shared responsibility for maintaining favorable relations with all external constituents, including donors, private and public funders, and other key constituents that sustain the organization.In addition to being a persuasive and knowledgeable fundraiser, the CDO will stay abreast of the shifts in the external environment that may affect HMI, in order to fully seize emergent opportunities, and provide guidance for adjusting fundraising strategy when required necessitated by emerging external obstacles or other forces of opposition.The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated commitment to their previous employer organizations, as evidenced by their contributions to sustain it financially, guide its strategic growth, and their length of service over a sustained period of time.

Source: Hetrick – Martin Institute – Chief Development Officer | Jobs | PND

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