Girl Rising believes the hard and soft skills a young person needs to be a positive, active citizen capable of creating a livelihood in today’s world are multi-faceted. Our Educator Program, at the heart of our work in the United States, inspires students to see beyond their borders, value their education, and believe that they have the capacity to change their own lives and the world. This program cultivates gender equality and social justice champions by raising awareness about the significance of girls’ education and inspiring students to be advocates. The program combines Girl Rising stories with imaginative resources that deepen learning and facilitate civic engagement and youth empowerment— and ultimately help young people develop a sense of personal power, determination, local responsibility, and global citizenship.Our curricular tools include the Girl Rising film, a free curriculum, and a book for young adults. Explore these tools here. With the help of the Educator Engagement Consultant, we will expand the reach of the US Educator Program to new teachers, school districts and youth empowerment programs. We will refine and enhance our existing curricular tools and resources for educators. As a result, we will positively impact thousands of additional adolescent boys and girls across the country.

Source: Girl Rising – Educator Engagement Consultant | Jobs | PND

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